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Blacks Dont Read: Racist Remark or True Statement?

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The sad thing about this article is that the essence of it is true. The truth hurts. I just hope this sets more Black people in motion towards making real progress.

Dee Lee, CFP of Harvard Financial Educators received a letter from a caucasian explaining how whites are still to this day superior to African Americans because “Blacks don’t read”.

The letter says:

We can continue to reap profits from the Blacks without the effort of physical slavery. Look at the current methods of containment that they use on themselves: IGNORANCE, GREED, and SELFISHNESS.

The person went on the explain blacks submit themselves to slavery through IGNORANCE by never spending any time doing research or reading, GREED by spending the amount money they make on buying useless things instead of investing in themselves or their community (Last year they spent 10 billion dollars during Christmas, out of their 450 billion dollars in total yearly income (2.22%)), and SELFISHNESS.

It concluded:

Yes, we will continue to contain them as long as they refuse to read, continue to buy anything they want, and keep thinking they are ‘helping’ their communities by paying dues to organizations which do little other than hold lavish conventions in our hotels. By the way, don’t worry about any of them reading this letter, remember, ‘THEY DON’T READ!!!!

So, what are we going to do to fix this?



3 Responses to “Blacks Dont Read: Racist Remark or True Statement?”
  1. avatar TruthIsFreedom says:

    THIS ‘LETTER’ IS A HOAX. It was never written by Dee Lee (of Harvard) or written to her. http://www.deelee.net/

    Essence contributor Dr. Minor in an Essence.com blog (http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fcommunity.essence.com%2Fprofiles%2Fblogs%2Fthey-are-still-our-slaves-dee-1&h=002dd2dd8b65cb5c4fa24d726b68e862) even apologizes to Dee Lee at the very bottom of the blog page for being targeted unfairly as the author of the article.

    Despite whether you agree with the subject matter or not, the fact remains that the letter is a hoax and we (well SOME of us anyway) are the victims of another internet/chain email hoax. Ironically, the black people that continue to read, respond and circulate the ‘letter’ DON’T read enough to do a simple internet search to uncover the truth behind the ‘letter’.

    It was supposedly read aloud on a New York City DJ’s show (by the name of Dee Lee http://www.thedeeleeshow.com/home.html) BUT even Mr. Lee hasn’t confirmed it. A little bit of research goes a long way…

  2. avatar rjane says:

    The email may have been a hoax, but many black people continue to circulate it because the letter was cleverly crafted and may actual speak to some of the problems in the community. For example why do we spend nearly $.95 of every dollar in other communities and not our own. We have people telling us they do not value our business, but yet we blindly keep purchasing items from them. Why dont we have more collaborations in our communities to improve everyday living conditons and promote develoment? Yes we know why and we often speak amongst ourselves as to the reasons why, but openly admitting such things can be painful. Who will admit that we are often distrustful of one another, that jealousy and selfishness is just as much of a problem as hopelessness and despair. I often say that many of the problems that the black community face can be solved with team work, the solutions are so simple that it hurts.

  3. avatar 100 says:

    sorry if we recirculated any hoax but I agree with RJane. Regardless of the origin, the thoughts in this letter should spark a light bulb for an issue that needs to be addressed in the Black community. Thanks for reading

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