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Exclusive interview with Rapper Yo Gotti

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As I sat with Memphis rapper Yo Gotti I couldn’t help but stare at his stunning piece that read Yo Gotti but resembled the Yo MTV Raps logo. His demeanor was very calmed and relaxed, he already has the swag of a mainstream artist that’s been in the game for years without the arrogance and stank attitude. That’s my kind of dude.

AwkWordSilence: Thank you for interviewing with, as you may know we do a lot to promote online and it seems that is the avenue most artists are taking as well.  How has the internet affected your career and popularity?

Yo Gotti: It’s a quick way to cheat cause you meet so many people in one click. Promote without leaving the house without burning gas [laughs]. But I still go to the hood cause a lot of hood niggas don’t know how to turn on a computer.

AKWS: You are pretty hot in the street circuit.  How important do you think it is to hit the street market and mixtapes as opposed to main stream music?

Yo Gotti: It’s important.  To me streets is first on the list. It’s where I come from. I’m trying to crossover. I want to be known international.

AKWS: Hip hop has been under a lot of scrutiny the past few years for the lack of substance.  It’s been said that the popularity of ring tone music has killed hip hop. What do you think about that?

Yo Gotti: You can look at it anyway. If ring tones are making the next man money I can’t knock that.

AKWS: Is hip hop dead?

Yo Gotti: Naw most defiantly not. I would be in jail if it was. I wouldn’t be able to sit here right now and do an interview with you.

AKWS: Who are your biggest influences?

Yo Gotti: [pause] Family. My momma and aunties. I have some aunties that have done some fed time for things they didn’t do.

AKWS: Falsely accused?

Yo Gotti: For not snitchin.

AKWS: Oh so they took some cases for somebody?

Yo Gotti: Yea. They took cases for their boyfriends. I look at it like they taught me to keep it real. They know what kind of trouble they allowed around them and they didn’t take nobody down with them.

AKWS: What current projects are you working on?

Yo Gotti: New mixtape Cocaine Muzik 4 ½. Live from the kitchen and the next album.

AKWS: Who are some of the artists you work with?

Yo Gotti: I did a song with Rick Ross and Lil Wayne. And of course my boy Gucci Mane.

AKWS: Do you work with any less popular or up and coming artists?

Yo Gotti: I like to go to different cities and know who’s hot in the street market.

AKWS: How would a new artist be able to hook up with you for a project?

Yo Gotti: I mean from anybody who works around me.

AKWS: So you’re approachable?

Yo Gotti: Yea I’m approachable.

Yo Gotti 010smalltheone

Yo Gotti 003smalltheone



5 Responses to “Exclusive interview with Rapper Yo Gotti”
  1. avatar Eleven8 says:

    Yo Gooooooooooootti!!!

    *just had to say that* lol

  2. avatar Dimplez says:

    Awesome interview! Yo Gotti def is on the come up.. being that humble is definitely a good look.. I’ll keep my ears open for more of his work.. =*]

  3. avatar Random_id says:

    Yea he is a really cool dude =)

  4. avatar 100 says:

    Great job.. Glad to see Yo Gotti speaking out. Big ups to Random ID for conducting this joint. Shout out to Cathryn Marie for the connect. got that exclusive hot ish fresh out the oven. If you have never heard Yo Gotti spit, you should check dude out. Pretty dope street music, lots of energy..


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